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Friends of the Observatory

University Observatory Munich/Wendelstein Observatory

The founding members of the association

The founding members at the University Observatory Munich on March 11, 2003

The non-profit association “Friends of the Observatory of the Munich University/Wendelstein Observatory” was founded on 11th March 2003.

The purpose of the association is to provide both material and moral support of astronomy teaching and research, especially at the Observatory of the Munich University and at the Wendelstein Observatory. To this end, the Friends are committed to:

  • interest public figures from politics, science, and economy in the aims of the association,
  • organize scientific events to encourage people to provide financial and material support to the USM,
  • to bring astronomy to a wider audience via public lectures and events.

The founding members of the Friends of the Observatory are:

Dr. Heinz Barwig, RA Gerd Bräunig, Prof. Dr. Manfred Hirt, Prof. Dr. Bernd-Robert Höhn, Dr. Ulrich Hopp, Prof. Dr. Harald Lesch, Prof. Dr. Friedrich Pfeiffer, Rasso Rapp (notary), Dipl.-Ing. Horst Rauck, Prof. Dr. Axel Schenzle, Dr. Manfred Thoma.

The elected board of directors is:

Prof. Dr. Manfred Hirt (President),
Prof. Dr. Friedrich Pfeiffer (Vice President),
Dr. Heinz Barwig (Treasurer).

Donations can be made by transfer to the account number 659 50 53 55 at HypoVereinsbank München, BLZ 700 20 270.

email:  Heinz Barwig (hbarwig@usm.uni-muenchen.de)
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