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University Observatory Munich Colloquium
Schedule for Summer Term 2015

Colloquia are held on Wednesdays at 14:00 at the Observatory, Scheinerstr. 1, room E08,
unless announced otherwise.

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Date Speaker Institute Title Host
29 April 2015 Alessandra Beifiori USM/MPE Cluster galaxies at redshift 1 < z < 2: first results from the KMOS cluster program Seitz
6 May 2015 Ariel Sanchez USM Cosmological implications of the final BOSS galaxy samples Seitz
20 May 2015 Anthony Whitworth Cardiff University The Formation of Low Mass Stars Ercolano
27 May 2015 Andrea Biviano INAF/Osservatorio Astronomico di Trieste CLASH-VLT: the dynamics of clusters of galaxies Mohr
17 June 2015 Rolf Peter Kudritzki University of Hawaii Red Supergiant Stars as Cosmic Abundance Probes: The First Step beyond the Local Group with VLT/KMOS Preibisch
24 June 2015 Faculty of Physics – Professorium
Monday 29 June 2015 Fabian Heitsch (11:00 am) Star Formation in a Free-Fall Time: Why (not)? Burkert
1 July 2015 Valeria Pettorino Universität Heidelberg The Dark Universe after Planck Weller
Monday 6 July 2015 Mike Barlow (11:00 am) University College London Dust and Molecules in Supernova Ejecta and Supernova Remnants Ercolano
15 July 2015 Barbara Sartoris Osservatorio Astronomico di Trieste Galaxy clusters: crossroad between cosmology and astrophysics Weller
22 July 2015 Annie Hughes Observatoire Midi-Pyrenees Toulouse Giant Molecular Cloud Populations in Nearby Galaxies Burkert
29 July 2015 Laura Wolz University of Melbourne Constraining cosmology and galaxy evolution with HI intensity mapping Weller

Suggestions for speakers should be sent to the colloquium organizer Thomas Preibisch.

Schedules for previous semesters: Winter term 2014/15.

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